Monday, April 29, 2013

Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer

The New York Times Magazine has an incredible cover story  about the pitfalls of breast cancer, penned by Peggy Orenstein, best-selling author and breast cancer survivor.

The article, "Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer" analyzise the pitfalls of the breast cancer industry. Orenstein argues, with good measure, "If screening’s benefits have been overstated, its potential harms are little discussed. According to a survey of randomized clinical trials involving 600,000 women around the world, for every 2,000 women screened annually over 10 years, one life is prolonged but 10 healthy women are given diagnoses of breast cancer and unnecessarily treated, often with therapies that themselves have life-threatening side effects.”

Please do yourself the service of taking 20 minutes out of your day and reading the full piece.  Pin It Now!

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